Father- Daughter Dance - What's in a Name ?

 The Saint Mary Women's Club is once again sponsoring the Father-Daughter Dance.  The name of the event is not intended to exclude any young lady in the Parish from participating.  We understand and are sensitive to family structures that do not include a father-daughter dyad.  There are increasing numbers of young ladies whose fathers will not be able to participate with them due to military deployment, out-of-state employment, separation, divorce, blended families through remarriage, and death.
The purpose of the event is to provide a social setting where a young lady can celebrate the evening with a special adult in her life.  That adult does not have to be a father.
My father traveled for his work throughout much of my childhood but I was blessed with a neighbor that escorted me to my Father-Daughter events with my Girl Scout Troop.  I would not have wanted to miss out on the fun! Don't let the name of any event deter you from participating in anything offered by the Saint Mary Women's Club!
All are welcome